Introducing 10by24’s August Challenge!

Hello, everyone! As you know, on the 24th of this month, we will have a giveaway for the top 50 ranked users of 10by24. Because of that, you may want to earn as many betabits as possible before end of day on the 23rd. Here’s an opportunity to earn more.

From August 17 to August 21, we will have short story prompts posted. There will be two prompts for each day: One on 10by24 and one on 10by24’s Instagram. You can write to any or all of these prompts in order to earn betabits.

In order to enter for a certain day, you should pick one of the two prompts and write a 10- to 24-word short story. You may post this on either social media channel with the hashtag #10by24. You can also post stories on Twitter if you so choose. You do not have to enter a prompt on that specific prompt’s day. However, all stories must be posted by the end of the day on August 22 in order to count. The way you share your stories is up to you. If a story fits in a tweet, you may use that. You can make it a 10by24 status update, or you can post an Instagram photo with your story in a caption. Another option is to take a photo of your story and post it on any of your social media platforms.

Finally, make a post on 10by24 that links to all of your entries. You will earn 10 betabits for each entry. If you do all three prompts for a given day, you will earn an extra 20 betabits for a total of 50 for that day.

Lastly, it would make our hearts very, very happy if you choose to write a longer story based on any of the prompts. If you do that, post your story in a 10by24 blog post with “August Challenge” in the title, and you will be awarded 100 points.

Here are the 10by24 prompts:

For the other 5 prompts, check our Instagram. Above all, have fun!

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