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Welcome to 10by24, a website for writers to connect and critique one another’s work for points.


How does 10by24 work?

10by24 is a social media site in the classical sense, targeted specifically toward writers. It is also for writers to post excerpts of their work and comment on one another’s excerpts in order to earn points, which are called betabits. Users can earn betabits by doing the following:

-1 betabit for logging into the website, up to 1 point per day.

-10 betabits for every excerpt posted, up to 30 points per month

-10 betabits for being one of the first 3 people to critique another person’s excerpt

-5 betabits for critiquing someone’s excerpt if you are not one of the first 3 to give feedback.

How are betabits used?

You will earn badges as you accumulate betabits. We will also hold a giveaway on the 24th of each month, starting with August 2019, for the top 50 members of the site.

We plan to add more perks for betabits very soon, so please watch this space for more info.

Basic Guidelines for Posting Excerpts:

-The word “excerpt” will be used here, but the writing you post does not have to be an excerpt of a longer work. It can be that, or it can be a work of short fiction, a short screenplay, a short stage play, a poem, or any small work that stands on its own. However, an excerpt must be 500 or fewer words.

-If you write fiction, you may post a query letter or synopsis for critique if you wish. You may also post any combination of a query letter, synopsis, or excerpt of your work, as long as the post itself is not over 500 words.

-Similarly, any post may include a short description of the work at the top of the post, as long as the entire post does not exceed 500 words.

-If you would like to post a longer excerpt or a work that is longer than 500 words, you may split the work over more than one blog post. Unless your work falls under an exception, you will earn 10 points for each individual blog post.

-You will earn 10 points each for the first 3 excerpts you post in a calendar month. After that, you may post more excerpts in that month, but they will not earn points.

-If we ask for excerpts for a certain contest, we may choose not to award points for entries to that contest.

Guidelines for Content and Titling of Posts:

-It is highly recommended that, in the title of a post containing an excerpt, you state the title of the work and the type of excerpt (e.g. query, short story, excerpt of longer fiction, poem, etc.). If the work is fiction, consider stating the age category and genre in the title of your blog post.

-Admins reserve the right to remove excerpts that contain what we consider offensive language or content, but for the most part, we will be lenient about this.

-We greatly appreciate trigger warnings being stated in the title of a post if necessary. If not, both trigger and content warnings may be listed at the top of a blog post, before the excerpt starts.

-If we hold a contest, we may ask that all entries have the contest’s name stated in the title, so that other users may distinguish those entries from other excerpts.

Guidelines and exceptions for critiques:

-We reserve the right to award you a lower amount of points than usual if your feedback is not what we would call constructive. We recommend that, in order to earn the full amount of points on a critique, you list at least one aspect of the writing that you like or that you feel works well, and at least one aspect that needs improvement.

-It is difficult for writers to share their work, so we ask that you try to be both honest and kind in your feedback.

-If you post a comment that is off-topic or appears to be spam, it may be deleted at the discretion of the admins.

-If you post a comment that comes off as particularly mean-spirited and not constructive, it may be deleted at the discretion of the admins.

-Bullying and harassment will not be tolerated.

-Comments that show discrimination based on race, culture, gender or gender identity, physical ability, mental illness and/or neurodivergence, sexual orientation, or any other type of discrimination may be deleted at the discretion of the site admins.

-Comments containing offensive language or slurs may be deleted at the discretion of the site admins.

-Admins reserve the right to turn off comments on any posts that are made as entries to contests, so that the judging can be as fair as possible.

Other guidelines:

-We highly encourage you to connect with other writers here, and to critique one another’s longer works. However, at this point in time, we can only award points for the critiques done on this site.

-Feel free to notify an admin if you sell a work. We would like to celebrate with you.

-Our goal is for at least 10 unpublished writers of longform fiction or nonfiction to have sold works to publishers by the beginning of the year 2024, hence our website’s name. However, we encourage writers at all stages of their careers to join the site, as well as people who simply love to give critiques.

-Above all, please have fun! The admins are writers, and we gain immense joy from encouraging other people to write.

-If you have any questions or concerns, you may comment them on this post, or email Cimone Watson at cimone.watson@10by24.com.

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